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LED Downlights

LED downlights are energy efficient and long lasting.  When choosing your LED downlights it is important to look at the wattage, lumen output, beam angle and colour.  The wattage is the overall power consumption.   A Lumen is the unit for measuring the amount of light produced.  The higher the Lumen output the brighter the light.  The beam angle is also important as this indicates the spread of light from the light source.   A wider beam gives you a softer more general light and a narrow beam gives you a more concentrated light.  The colour temperature of the light is measured in Kelvins(k).  A warm light (orange) is in the lower numbers for example 3000k, Cool White is in the middle around 4000k (white) and Daylight is in the higher numbers around 6000k (blue). Cool white/Daylight is ideal for task-orientated areas like kitchens. Warm white helps to create a more intimate, relaxing atmosphere suited to bedrooms and living rooms.


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