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We’re a proud Member of Gemcell Electrical Group.

Australia and New Zealand’s Largest Group of Independent Electrical Wholesalers

Gemcell Electrical Group was established in 1991, under the name Gemcell Australia, by six independent NSW electrical wholesalers forming a buying group to allow them to compete with large multinational electrical wholesalers. In July of 2013, Gemcell Australia changed its name to Gemcell Electrical Group, to reflect the operations of the group more clearly.

Today, Gemcell is Australia and New Zealand’s largest electrical wholesale group, with 26 independent member companies and a growing network of more than 360 branches. Every one of our Members is 100% independent locally owned and operated, meaning that Gemcell helps to keep profits in Australia and New Zealand, and support local jobs and the economy.

Represented in every state and territory, together we can hold our own against the massive foreign-owned multinationals and offer Gemcell customers the best of both worlds – massive buying power combined with personal family service.

In 2010, Gemcell became a member of IMELCO, an international electrical wholesale group based in Europe, improving our ability to compete in an increasingly global market.

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Gemcell customers get the best of both worlds - massive buying power, combined with personal family service.
Gemcell members are all proudly Australian owned, supporting local jobs and the economy.
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