Area Lighting

Choosing the right colour temperature for your lighting needs.

  • Location
    Tamworth, NSW
  • Project Type
  • Duration
    2 Month

The colour of lighting that you choose is important. Colour temperature is a characteristic of visible light that refers to the hue of the light source. It is measured in degrees Kelvin(K) on a scale that ranges from warm (yellow/orange) to daylight (blue). Colour temperature generally ranges from 2200K (warm) through to 6500K (daylight).

This customer has used 2200K on the outside of the building which is a yellow colour and there are a couple of reasons why. If a whiter light was to be used the more insects see it and are attracted to it, insects do not see yellow light as well and by using yellow lights for security lighting, you will not attract the same number of insects as the whiter lights will. It is not just the insects that are the problem it is the spiders that feed on the insects, the bright white light is helping the spiders by attracting their dinner, thus more spider webs around your lights.

The other advantage of the warmer light is you can see better in the yellow spectrum, it is softer on the eyes, less glary and better for your overall eye health.

As you can see from the photo it looks great too.

The lights used are the Magnitech MAGLED MINI’s.  Each light is only 40W but punches out over 5000 Lumens.

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