Solar Wind Generator Help & Advice
Solar Wind Generator Help & Advice

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  • Location
    Tamworth, NSW
  • Project Type
  • Duration
    2 Month

Well known Aviator and Artist Peter Norvill from Murrurundi purchased a wind generator, solar panel, solar controller, inverter and some storage batteries from GCM and at the end of Winter 2022 Electrical Contractor, Marty Wilson installed them.

Here is Greg McCulloch’s story: -


“Peter has sent me countless emails through because the system was not working properly. I hopped on the band wagon, and always keeping Marty in the loop got Peter to do some tests, voltages of the batteries, what did he have connected and so on. Over numerous months and by contacting suppliers of the equipment and getting answers to questions I have asked Peter, we were slowly developing a picture of what was happening. Both Peter and I were learning all the way through this journey.


It has taken a few months to get an understanding of the system and both Peter and I think that now we know the basics, he can play with the system and see what he can run and for how long with the batteries he has.


Peter used 2 x 270 amp/HR deep cycle Century AGM batteries in series to give him a 24v system, a 24v Enerdrive inverter and solar panel and a Morning Star solar controller and with the help from these suppliers both Peter and I have a grasp of the system and what we can run.


It has been time consuming with many hours of after-hours service involved, but that’s part of being in business and having a loyal customer like Peter Norvill. I just wanted to make sure we could do all we possibly could to make sure we could get the system to a point that he had an understanding of how it all worked.


Your business is about “what you do tomorrow not what you did today,” if your customers don’t come back to you tomorrow, you haven’t got a business.”


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