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Fibre Patch Leads - Duplex
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  • Fibre Patch Leads - Duplex
  • These fibre patch leads are performance tested to numerous IEC standards to ensure connector, cable and physical performance exceeds the requirements of their respective test standards.

  • Tested in accordance with IEC 14763.3, connector Insertion Loss (IL) values fall well below the maximum allowed and Return Loss (RL) values exceed the minimum allowed according to AS/NZS 3080, IEC/IOS 118701 and ANSI/TIA 568-3.

    Polarity method "A-to-B" is used in all their standard patch cords with only LC connectors having duplex clips.

    LSZH patch cord cable in 2mm and 3mm made with coloured jackets is used across the range allowing for easy identification of mode. 2mm cord is used on patch cords with 1 or more LC or MTRJ connectors while 3mm is used on all other patch cords.

    Features & Benefits

    • LSZH jacket (2mm, 3mm) in various colours
    • Range of connector types
    • Available in OM1, OM3, OM4 and SM
    • Duplex clip on LC Connectors
    • Performance tested to IEC 11801 and ANSI/TIA 568-3
    • Custom length, colour and connector combinations available