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LED 280 Series Trailer Lamps
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  • LED 280 Series Trailer Lamps
  • The 280 series trailer lamps are the perfect addition to your small to medium-sized Tray, Truck or trailer application.

  • They come standard with stop/tail/indicator or a stop/tail/indicator and reverse functions and also include a stick-on red reflector.

    Slick chrome inner reflectors enhance the super high powered LEDs not only making them look great but exceeding the all-important certification for ECE road approvals. The overall size of 282mm x 95mm and low profile design of 28mm, making them ideal for a secure surface mount by using the bolts at the rear of the unit. Vehicles and trailers can and will experience extreme operational environments across their Lifetime, demanding a product that can keep you moving with no stress. Rest assured the 280 series have been vibration tested and come built-in with solid-state circuit technology, meaning no moving parts. They are also comprehensively tested to extreme IP67 standards for dust and water ingress.

    LEDs smart manufacturing process optimises the build but still offers excellent value as well as a 5-year manufacturers warranty, for your peace of mind. The 280 Series mini jumbo lamp range is available in a triple, double or single configurations and is now available in the tinted series.

    LED Autolamps is committed to providing quality products at competitive prices, all centred on excellence in customer satisfaction. Auto Electricians and Manufacturers demand nothing less than the best and since 2002 LED Autolamps have delivered. Covering all vehicle, trailer, caravan, 4x4, emergency, mining and marine applications, they devote all their efforts into smarter manufacturing processes with a focus on conformity in production to ensure product consistency, new and innovative designs, as well as product design and development. The confidence you expect so you can be sure that these lamps will go the distance. The performance you should expect to be sure that these lamps will go the distance. Check out the entire LED Autolamps range of lighting on the GCM website or head into store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.