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W22 Series From WEG
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  • W22 Series From WEG
  • GCM stock a wide range of motors in Single Phase and Three Phase options.

  • The W22 series from WEG feature:

    -High starting torque

    -Suitable for domestic and rural power supply conditions

    -Adaptable design suitable for a variety of applications and needs

    With cast iron frame, flexible mounting, solid and whole feet, and lower noise levels and operating temperatures, the W22 motors are perfectly suitable for a great variety of industrial applications including:

    Fans and Blowers

    Grain Driers

    Centrifugal pumps


    High Pressure Washers

    Silo Unloaders and Augers

    Conveyors / Materials Handling

    Silo unloaders

    Grinding Machines

    Available in sizes 0.12kw to 355kw and numerous speed options, call GCM on 6755 6300 for more details on the WEG W22 High Efficiency Motor range.