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Wiha Screwdrivers
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  • Wiha Screwdrivers
  • When looking at the Wiha ergonomic screwdriver range, you can find the suitable fastening tool for every fastening situation.

  • Whether for craftspeople, industry, electricians or model-making – the range of fastening tools includes SoftFinish® screwdrivers for dry applications, MicroFinish® screwdrivers for wet and oily work environments, precision screwdrivers for fastening electrostatically sensitive components or insulated VDE-approved screwdrivers for working on live parts, providing the correct tool for every application.

    What makes Wiha screwdrivers so ergonomic? Distinguished and recommended by AGR, the handle size concept offers small handles that fit optimally in the hand, ensuring optimum precision and control, while the large handles are ideal for powerful fastening with the integrated hard and soft zones. It aims to ensure more comfortable, longer and, particularly, pain-free work for users.